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Do you love exploring new places? Have you ever wondered about what it would be like to embrace the RV lifestyle fully? Maybe you are retired or thinking about retirement and considering all of your options. We thought it would be fun to ask a couple that did in fact sold their home, downsized, and have been enjoying the RV lifestyle full time for the past 10+ years.

Why did you choose to live in an RV?

My husband, Eric & I began talking about the RV lifestyle in 1995 when we first started camping.

How did you transition from traditional homeownership to one on the road? Did you start with a pop-up and slowly graduate to the full-blown RV lifestyle?

Like many campers, our first camper was a pop-up, however, short-lived. The first time I spent the night in our pop up and had to hike to the bathhouse I was finished with that!

Within a couple of months, we traded for a travel trailer (pull behind) with a bunkhouse and no slide outs, only to realize that with no slide outs and Eric being 6’4”
we quickly realized we were going to need the extra room so we ordered another travel trailer with 2 slides for the room. Slideouts give you more room in areas that can otherwise feel cramped, such as galley kitchens and master bedrooms.

The extra space that slide-outs provide is something to consider if you plan on spending most of the year traveling in your RV vs using your RV primarily as a summer camper.

How did you know what type of RV to choose?

It was merely trial & error, until you RV for some time you really don’t know what works best for your situation.

Once we camped in the travel trailer for a while we decided we needed a motor home for even more room.

Do you ever get tired of living on the road, in a small place?

We have been on the road with no house since 2006. 14 years is a long time but we have met so many new friends along the way that it has gone by fast.

As far as the small space, we have everything we need and live a very simple life.

We had a beautiful home but it was only stuff and when we’re gone we can’t take it with us so we felt that we really didn’t need all the stuff.

What kind of downsizing did you need to do before you set forth on this new lifestyle?

Honestly, not that much. When we decided to go on the road, we put our house on the market and within a couple of weeks the house sold and the couple that bought it also bought all the furniture and rugs so all we had to remove was our personal belongings and clothes and off we went..

Do you primarily stay in RV parks? How much does overnight RV parking typically cost?

Yes, always in RV parks.

They are the safest places to stay and you meet the nicest fellow RV’ers there. Cost varies from $35.00 a night to $100.00 a night depending on location.

Camping isn’t cheap, it’s a lifestyle.

Do you map out your year and where you will travel too or is it more spontaneous?

We plan a year in advance because some of the areas we enjoy are quite popular and book out a year, such as Bar Harbor Maine in the summer.

How long do you typically stay in one place?

Usually 2 weeks but we stay in Myrtle Beach longer certain times of the year and Bar Harbor from mid-July to after labor day.

What does a typical day look like?

Like I said we live a simple life so we do similar things that everyone does.

We enjoy the area we are visiting, run errands, do shopping and we love to visit local mom & pop restaurants.

We want to support small local businesses and eat where the locals eat.

Is health insurance difficult to get living the RV life?

Not difficult to get but can be very expensive, although now we are both on medicare with supplements so it’s much better now.

What’s your favorite place/trip that you’ve been to or taken?

We love Bar Harbor Maine which is why we stay so long there. There’s so much to do and see with Acadia National Park so beautiful and the area’s climate so comfortable we just really enjoy it there.

How do you stay in shape while on the road?

The RV resorts, parks, and campgrounds are a great place to get out to walk and meet others along the way, plus some have exercise facilities as well.

What about pets?

We traveled for 12 years with our Yorkie, Bo. He passed away a few years ago, but most RV’ers travel because of their pets! The parks have great dog walks and understand that most every RV’er has pets with them.