Podcasts are entertaining and convenient ways to get information, seek solidarity, and feel connected to other people. In this round-up, we looked for the best podcast shows to help Boomers manage their lives — whether it’s embracing aging, making retirement plans, or simply laughing at the foibles life throws your way.

Second Career Podcasts:

Logo for podcast with a smiling, middle-aged woman behind the words "feisty side of fifty"Feisty Side of Fifty

Feisty Side of Fifty, the podcast run by Mary Eileen Williams, M.A., N.C.C.C., is dedicated to women who share her goal of aging into an audacious old broad. Williams has spent over two decades as a job search expert/career transition consultant, and she specializes in working with midlife career changers. She particularly wants women over 50 to celebrate who they are and what they’ve accomplished, as well as learn how to look ahead and live their best lives going forward: “My personal mission is to reach as many of my gender and generation as possible to celebrate our remarkable history, our awe-inspiring futures, and just plain hoot and holler as only the menopausal can.”

Podcast logo for Repurpose Your Career. An artistic image of a man's feet walking on cobblestones with a sunset-filterRepurpose Your Career: Careers for the 2nd Half of Life

Repurpose Your Career is for those who want to re-establish themselves in a second career, or at least a career “pivot,” as host Marc Miller frames it. He’s pivoted six times in the last 30 years, and has gained valuable experience with the logistics of job-changing, as well as how to maintain a healthy mindset when doing so. Miller, various experts, and people who’ve successfully shifted gears all share their knowledge and answer crucial questions in this award-winning podcast.

Retirement-Related Podcasts:

Woman is smiling behind a radio microphone, with the words "financially fearless with Saba Khan" written overheadFinancially Fearless with Saba Khan

Saba Khan is a financial advisor and annuity specialist whose goal is to help Baby Boomers get to — and through — retirement. Her weekly podcast is designed to cover timely topics in response to market fluctuations, economic anxiety, and common questions people have regarding retirement and all things financial. What makes her advice remarkable is how she can take complicated and confusing topics and break them down into easily understood concepts without making you feel as if you’re stupid or naive. 

Retirement Wisdom logo, stylized owl with its wings spread into a circular shapeThe Retirement Wisdom Podcast

Instead of focusing on the financial aspects of retirement — which is only natural, as it’s a major concern for most people — this podcast is dedicated to how you invest your time. Retirement coaching involves asking yourself what you are retiring to, to clarify your vision of the future, explore options, and learn how to balance the logistics that go along with everything else. Named one of The Wall Street Journal’s Top Ten Podcasts for Older Adults That Promise to Entertain and Enlighten, this one is definitely worth a listen.

Stay Wealthy logo with black and white image of a man smiling while leaning on a railingStay Wealthy

This Forbes Top 10 Retirement podcast is hosted by Taylor Schulte, the founder and CEO of Define Financial, which is a commission-free retirement planning firm. He is dedicated to financial retirement planning that keeps clients (rather than the firm) as a top priority, and wants to educate and empower people to make their own smart financial decisions. The podcast is aimed at helping retirees optimize their investments, lower taxes, and make work optional. 

Embracing Aging Podcasts

a radio microphone and the line-drawing of a woman's face sandwich the text of the podcasts' title, Aging FearlesslyAging Fearlessly — Face Your Future

This is the podcast version of the radio program by the same name, which hopes to inspire Baby Boomers to live vitally active, joyful lives. Guests run the gamut from successful life coaches, doctors and psychologists, to retirement experts. The host, Karen Sander, is an author and motivational speaker who believes that “aging is inevitable; growing old is a choice.” The secret, she maintains, is to look great, eat well, exercise regularly and maintain strong social networks in order to avoid the “void of invisibility.”

Woman with red curly hair is smiling within a pink watercolor circle frameAge Vibrantly Tips

Host Marcy Cody, RN, is a staunch advocate for maintaining vitality through mental wellness and healthy daily routines. She invites experts in their fields to discuss how to feel lively and spry well past retirement age, and if all the exclamation marks on her site are any indication, she is excited about it. Each week the podcast covers topics that cover a wide range of information, from how to avoid scammers, successful weight loss strategies and relationship advice, to dying peacefully when your time comes.

Images of people smiling surround the text "living fully" with Dr. Kathy McCoyLiving Fully with Dr. Kathy McCoy

For Baby Boomers and Gen Xers seeking balance in their busy lives, Living Fully led by psychotherapist Dr. Kathy McCoy could be the perfect podcast. She discusses issues such as how to improve relationships with adult children, how to deal with depression, anxiety, and “emotional clutter,” how to make marriage work in retirement, and how to come to terms with the aging process (and aging parents.) If you are one of those people who are considering therapy but can’t seem to find the time, Dr. McCoy might be the right person to listen to until you can.

Boomer Humor

Image of a sunny graveyard is in the background, with a cartoon gopher bursting through in the foregroundAnother Day Above Ground

Sometimes as a Boomer, you just need to laugh. The hosts of Another Day Above Ground are specialists in entertaining their own generation while also covering the issues they commonly face. With episode titles like “Funny Boomers Talkin’ Boomer Stuff,” and “Take It Or Leave It, Here’s Our Advice,” you’ll be sure to at least feel some good-natured camaraderie in each half-hour episode. Their homepage says “We all went through a lot in our lifetimes and we want to talk about those times as well as how we can deal with today’s times.” 

Teal background with stylized yellow radio mic in the lower right foreground, with the words "what's next" emblazoned in big lettersWhat’s Next? Conversations with Boomers

This podcast is filled with lively, light-hearted conversations “to discuss ‘what’s next?’ now that the kids have grown, and many of us are retired or moving in that direction.” Grandparenting, embracing new hobbies, travel, and retirement plans are all discussed through the lens of Barb Desmarais, herself a Boomer. She has a knack for finding excellent guests who share their expertise in all sorts of things, like “toxic positivity” and what that means for female empowerment, the authors of the book about “SuperAging,” and wine experts to help you pick the best pairing for a dinner party.

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