Self Care Isn't Selfish

Putting YOU First with a Self-Care Routine

Why starting a self-care routine is so important Many years ago when the Albany, New York-Tula, Russia sister city program was robust, I traveled to...
Close up of curling

Get Stoned…Try Out Curling in your Own Backyard

Curling is a great way to pass the cold wintry months When the winter winds start blowing, some people curl up in front of the...
Woman with short, gray hair and black-rimmed glasses smiles while walking down a city street. She is wearing a magenta winter coat with a colorful purple scarf, holding a few shopping bags in one hand.

Fashionable Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Let’s face it: Staying warm in winter without looking like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man can seem impossible. Or is it? If you follow a...
Fly fishing

I’ll Be There for You

The Vine, Winter 2023 A reflection on the value of good friends As we walk along life’s highway there are no better moments than those we...
Pouring tea - tea time across America

Tea Time across America

Top places across America to channel your inner Downton Abbey There’s something about a spot of tea. It warms the belly and lifts the spirits. The...