Patrick Quinn swimming

Lap It Up: Swimming is the right exercise for almost every...

Patrick Quinn may have grown up by a river in Ireland, but it took 47 years and major heart surgery for him to start...
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Road Trips with Rover

How to safely and enjoyably travel with your dog Having pets and leading a life filled with travel and exploration don’t need to be mutually...
Cheers to summer cocktails

Bottoms up! Craft cocktails you can make at home.

It gets pretty hot around here in the summertime — and this year is looking to be a record-breaker. Happily, this is also the...
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11 Ways to Save Money…on a fixed income or not

We often think about our physical health as we age and what we can do to ensure we remain as healthy as possible. What...
Porch container garden

6 Ways to Keep Your Container Garden Looking Great

One of the easiest ways to spruce up an entryway or patio is to plant a colorful container garden. They’re relatively low maintenance and...