Are You Ready to Tackle Spring Cleaning?

Spring is here which means it’s time for spring cleaning! The weather is starting to improve, and although many of us spent the past year decluttering our homes, bedroom closets can easily feel like a maze with winter clothes going out & summer clothes coming in. As many of us slowly begin to go back to offices, getting ready in the mornings can be a challenge especially when so many of us lived in sweatpants last year! Thankfully, as we begin to get our lives back, this primal urge to declutter and organize your closet is kicking in, and although cleaning is something we do every day, organizing your closet requires a little more work.

Use these insightful spring cleaning tips will help you clean & organize your closet:

1. Start with a Spring Cleaning Grand Purge

Closet Spring Cleaning: Purge Your ClosetAlthough it is the most challenging step, the grand dump is highly valuable, and its importance can’t be adequately emphasized.  Start by looking for ample space and start taking inventory of your contents. Here, you should expect questions like, did I buy this? Do I like that, or should I give this out? Honesty and free will are essential in this step since you’ll need to remove some clothes or accessories that are memorable.

And since throwing away some of your expensive stuff may make you feel awful, giving them out gives you a sense of satisfaction. With an all-encompassing view of your shoes, clothes, and bags, you can tell what you want to give out and what you want to go back in the closet.

2. Tidy Up Your Closet

Once you’ve dumped everything from the closet, this is the best time to do a thorough “spring” cleaning. Vacuum the floor and pass a clean duster over the shelves, bins, boxes, and rods. If you want a new look, you can also repaint the walls. You’ll need a few hours to clean and repaint your closet, but the result will be worthwhile. Cleaning may be fulfilling but adding new colors can significantly impact your mood.

3. Invest in Things to Keep Your Closet Organized

Closet EssentialsIf you feel like the previous closet arrangement was a little bit congested, shop for items that allow you to organize it better, such as hangers, hooks, bins, baskets, and boxes. Having all these items can help you prioritize and keep everything in its appropriate location. Bins and baskets make an ideal place to keep your belts, scarves, purses, hats, and more. Hangers create a polished, less cluttered aura and also help reduce wrinkles. Boxes are great for keeping out-of-season items like shoes and sweaters.

4. Put Everything in its Place

A Well Organized ClosetNow that you have invested in the organization, it’s now time to decide where everything will go. The mixture of hangers, boxes, baskets, and hooks will allow you to organize your closet easier and faster. For clothes that are off-season, put them in boxes and stack them on the top shelves. Clothes and shoes that you wear often should be within reach.  It is also crucial that you arrange items according to categories; dresses, casual shirts, jeans, and blazers.

5. Add a Little Light to Your Closet

A well lite closetDon’t forget to add a little lighting into your closet. A well-lit closet allows you to pick items without wasting too much time. Motion-sensitive, wireless lights that run on batteries are the best option since you won’t risk getting electrocuted or need to switch them on and off. Besides visibility, the illumination creates a beautiful aura and a more welcoming environment as we ponder what to wear today.