This is my go-to summer beverage. So refreshing on those hot summer days and super easy to make. This iced tea tastes delicious and is so much better than those store-bought, premixed iced teas with more than half the sugar. I make this all summer long and love to put into a vintage pitcher to serve to friends & family. There are many variations you can experiment with. Raspberry tea bags mixed with lemon ones are great as well.  I prefer to make it with green tea to get the healthy antioxidants but if you prefer a black tea, like Lipton, that works too!


8 cups of water

4 Bigelow Green tea with Pomegranate tea bags

4 Bigelow Green tea with Lemon tea bags * can use decaffeinated or not)

4 Tablespoons of Sugar

4 Tables of Lemon Juice ( Fresh is best from lemons but lemon juice works fine)

*optional fresh mint for garnish and taste

Fill a microwave container with the 8 cups of water, add the 8 tea bags, and cover. Microwave on high for 8 minutes. Let cool down a bit to steep and then remove tea bags, add your sugar & lemon juice and when cooled, add your fresh mint if you are using. Chill in refrigerator.

Grab your favorite glass filled with ice & pour! Add mint garnish and a fresh lemon slice if you want too. Enjoy!!