55+ Life Winter 2022 CoverNotice anything different about this issue of your magazine?

I’m excited to ring in 2022 with our new name and look! 55+ Living Guide is now 55+ Life! You’ll now find us online at 55pluslifemag.com.

For the past year, we’ve been hard at work developing this new name and enhanced look to better reflect who we are and who you are. When I bought this publication more than two years ago, I envisioned growing it into exactly what we have become with the introduction of 55+ Life, “It’s Your Journey”—a lifestyle brand aimed to inspire you to live your best life. I wanted to create something I could be proud to put my name on, something that inspires me and, more importantly, all of you to celebrate this time in our lives—a time when we can explore new ideas, people, and places with greater enthusiasm.

In addition to the new name and look, we’re serving up more content than before, with a dedicated group of writers focused on writing what matters most to you, from health and fitness to travel, food, retirement, and more.

Take our story on retiring abroad. While I often daydream of retiring somewhere warm, I hadn’t considered retiring abroad but for many of us, the dream increasingly includes that desire. See the story on page 13 to discover what countries top the list. 

Unfortunately, as for many of us, it took an injury for me to make a change. For the past 25-plus years, I have been involved in some kind of fitness activity. What I didn’t realize is that a certain amount of wear and tear on our joints and muscles comes with aging. I take my injury as a wake-up call that we need to consider our mobility, flexibility, and muscle strength to scale individualized workout plans. We hope our personal training piece on page 51 helps you see how a trainer might help you create the best fitness plan and stick with it. 

We hope you enjoy the issue, and please let us know what you think of the issue, our new name, or our new look. Send your ideas to editor@55pluslifemag.com.

A toast to your journey…