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Health coaches and personal health advocates are becoming more widely recognized when it comes to healthcare and patients’ well-being. Our healthcare system continues to evolve, doctors have come under pressure to see more patients in less time, if you find this unsettling you are not alone. 

Patients are getting less and less time with their provider only to leave their appointments feeling frustrated that they should have asked more questions and confused about what their next steps towards better health should be. Enter, a health coach and personal health advocate.  

As a healthcare professional, I have spent my career educating people about their disease and providing them with resources to help manage their condition, however, I  felt constant frustration with the limitations and restrictions of our health care delivery model that did not allow me to completely address all of the patients’ needs, so I felt it was my calling to further my education and create a business to provide health coaching and advocacy services. With my thirty years of registered nursing experience, diabetes care and education specialist certification and behavioral counseling skills, I feel confident that I can bridge the gap between clients and their health care needs and goals.

Health Coach working with patientHealth coaches focus on helping clients with health-related problems and conditions by skillfully getting the client to identify the root of their health problems, explore barriers, and provide essential health education to facilitate personalized health goals. The partnership between a health coach and client creates a therapeutic relationship promoting long-term disease management, and success resulting in multiple health benefits. If you are one out of every two Americans facing at least one chronic health condition, having a health coach could mean the difference between life and your best life. 

Harnessing Healthcare Assistive DevicesIn the era of managed health care, rising health care costs, barriers to accessing medications, assistive devices, and equipment, it is evident that individuals need personalized health advocacy as well. Too many times, I have seen patients denied medication or assistive devices because they were unable to navigate the confusing requirements for coverage. As a personal health advocate, I am able to get to the root of the denials and strategically coordinate a plan with your health care team that ensures you have what you need so that you can focus on your recovery, not fighting the health care system. 

As we age we shouldn’t take our health for granted. Navigating health care is challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. If you feel you need a better understanding of your health conditions, are not effectively communicating with your health care team, or have been denied services, you owe it to yourself to seek out the help of a professional health coach and advocate who has the expertise ensure that you have everything you need to attain your best health and live your best life.

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