Regardless of where you live, the fall season brings weather changes. While some people finally experience bearable temperatures, others enjoy golden colors, crisp air, and even snow. Whether fall has you reaching for light jackets or snow shovels, remember that your pets may also need some extra care. Use the following safety tips to protect your furry friends from the hidden dangers that can appear during the fall season.

Catch Up on Exercise

Many pet owners spend the summer doing other things besides exercising their pets. While that’s not necessarily bad because of the heat, dogs can become lazy or undisciplined. Fall days make the perfect occasion for taking canines on extended walks and for visiting dog parks. Now is also the time to play fetch outdoors and to practice their basic commands. These tasks keep them in shape to help ward off illness, and they strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

Protect Against Pests

Exploring the outdoors does come with some seasonal hazards, especially when it comes to fleas and ticks. That’s because these pests thrive during fall. Make sure that your pets are adequately protected against fleas and ticks. Inspect them thoroughly when bringing them inside each time to avoid unwelcome visitors.

When taking your furry friend for excursions, avoid tall grass because of the presence of snakes. Since these menaces get ready to hibernate in the fall, their activity level spikes during this season. If your area is prone to snakes, it helps to know the venomous types that frequent the area.

Keep Pets Away From Mushrooms

Since fall is the season of fungi in many areas, keep pets safely harnessed when outside. While that makes sense any time of year, this especially applies in autumn. That will ensure that they stay away from harmful seasonal plants like mushrooms.

Store Holiday & School Supplies Properly

Fall is the time when children go back to school, and that usually translates to an increase in supplies. Glue, tape, scissors, markers, and other materials can bring dangers to pets when left out. Even if you have no kids in the home, the arrival of the holiday season often brings with it the presence of craft supplies and decorations. Since these items create chewing hazards, make sure to store them properly.

Avoid Pesticides

Many people use more pesticides in the fall because of the increased rodent population. Unsupervised pets can easily discover repellents, even if you don’t use them on your property. Cats that hunt for mice are especially vulnerable. Find alternative ways to deal with pests, and don’t let your pets wander because you don’t know what the neighbors might use.

Use Safer Engine Coolants

Many drivers change engine coolant in the fall to prepare cars for winter. Use this occasion to switch to a product that’s safer for pets. Since ethylene glycol is appealing because of its sweet taste, but highly toxic, change it out for a coolant that has propylene glycol instead. While it’s not foolproof, this substance is safer and lacks the saccharine appeal of ethylene glycol.

Nature often slows down in the fall and prepares to rest in many regions. However, increased vigilance pays off in regards to pets. With these tips, you can help assure that your furry friends stay safe.