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Call Sheila! logoIn 2015, Call Sheilah! was hatched. Get it?
Bird logo and hatched. Of course you do.

The company started out as a concierge service, with owner Sheilah Sable doing everything. Today, seven years later,  the company has three part-time team members on payroll, great partnerships with vendors that include a cleaning crew, a clean out crew, contractors and skilled labor of all stripes, and of course multiple supportive and synergistic relationships with the moving companies in the Capital Region with stellar reputations. 

Sheilah SableCall Sheilah! has evolved beyond providing concierge work (errands, projects, and tasks of all kinds) to include move in/move out specialty work (downsize, declutter, pack, move, unpack, design, and all the stressful tasks related to relocating, downsizing and/or aging in place). 

When loved ones and friends ask how Sable how she did it, she says she’s tempted to say “I’m lucky.” However, while that may be true in many ways, it is not the only factor for the success and growth of Call Sheilah!

Sable believes firmly in this mantra:  “Asking for Help is a Spiritual Act.” No matter what your circumstances, whether you are surrounded by dozens of family members or alone, have a partner or don’t have a partner, have children or don’t have children, are part of a religious community or not, part of a sports team or not, whatever … everyone, Sable says, has to be able to ask for help. “There is nothing I’ve ever done that didn’t require me asking for help,” she says, “whether that help was simply asking for someone to listen to me talk things through, to setting up Quick Books, making a budget, connecting me with expertise when needed, moving a box, picking up a client, buying a business vehicle, unpacking my kitchen, or setting up my phone, I’ve asked for help and received it.”

Helping people understand that asking for help is a strength rather than a weakness is not only Sable’s guiding philosophy but the one she uses to govern her business. Here are just a few snippets of conversations she and her team have had with some clients who had the most challenging tasks and finally Called Sheilah and asked for help: 

Client getting a divorce and needing to get the basement sorted: “I’ve agonized over emptying the back room of this basement for seven years, and you and your team got it done in seven hours.”

Call Sheilah: That’s because we don’t agonize over your stuff. We just show up to support you and work. Regardless, it got done because you took the first step, which is admitting you can’t do it alone, and asking for help. 

Client who was throwing herself a birthday party: “The myriad tasks that go along with the before, during and after of an event like this is so challenging. It never stops and being the center of the event and the event staff is impossible. I couldn’t have done this without you guys.”

Call Sheilah: I don’t think that’s really true.  Regardless, it got done because you took the first step, which is admitting you can’t do it alone, and asking for help. 

Client who needed to downsize a seven-bedroom house, with a barn, two sheds and a full basement of stuff dating back to the late 1800s: “We just couldn’t figure it out and every time we even thought about it, the anxiety was so great, we turned away from it.  Your team figured it out immediately.”

Call Sheilah: That’s because we aren’t emotionally attached to your stuff. We show up to support you and figure out the things you’ve asked us to figure out. Regardless, it got done because you took the first step, which is admitting you can’t do it alone, and asking for help. 

Now, seven years in, Sable is proud of the business she’s built, all of the happy and satisfied clients, the team she’s put together to assist, and the work they do helping people and impacting the community they serve. 

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