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A generation ago, the advice for finding a proper home was simple and formulaic: Figure out how many rooms you need and how close you want to be to your workplace, and then set your budget at 30% of your income. Things have changed and choosing where to live is a little more complicated today…but it’s actually good news. 

With an increasing number of apartment buildings styling themselves as communities, finding an apartment today is much more personal.  There’s a lot that goes into making the decision including location, amenities, social opportunities, general lifestyle preferences, and budget. 

That may mean that the search for the perfect place is more time-consuming, but it also means that it can be more rewarding especially when you find the perfect apartment that perfectly suits your lifestyle. Here are a few tips to help you get started in your search to find the perfect place to call home: 

Location. Think about where you’d like to live. Not just the address but the environment. Do you prefer new construction? A large complex? People of all ages or a more mature community?  Do you want a more urban location where you can walk to your favorite stores and restaurants or do you prefer more green space?  Picking the right location or really environment is important for finding the apartment community that fits your lifestyle.

Phillip Schuyler Apartments

Philip Schuyler Apartments is an iconic landmark that has provided generations of Albany residents a distinguished address replete with convenience, service, and ambiance only found in buildings of its vintage and architecture.

Park South Luxury Apartments

Centrally located in Albany’s Historic Park South neighborhood, Park South Apartments
offers luxury living with access to all the dining, entertainment, shopping, and business opportunities this prime location has to offer.

Budget. For the more budget-conscious, be sure you are comparing apples to apples when making your final decision. For example, some apartment communities include utilities in their base rent and others don’t. Be sure that your comparisons include all utilities and fees…even if that means you have to ballpark the expenses for communities that do not include it in the rent.  There are benefits for choosing an apartment that includes utilities like having a predictable monthly expense and avoiding the hassle of keeping up with all the separate bills. For example, in the Albany area, Tri-City Rentals’ base rent includes water and heat plus extra benefits like garbage and sewage services.

Make a list of your must-have amenities. Hoping to find a neighbor that can also be your gym buddy? Locate an apartment that has a fitness center. Looking for a spot to relax with friends? Look for communities that feature a central clubhouse or a pool. It’s true that you’ll have to pay a price for extra amenities, but you might be able to offset the cost if the facilities enable you to drop your gym membership while working out closer to home.

Capital City Tennis Courts

Capitol View Apartments boasts spectacular views of Albany, and amenities include a swimming pool, tennis courts, clubhouse with Wi-Fi, and private entryways.

Visit the community in person. Scrolling through websites is a great way to start your research, but photos can’t capture personality, and they can’t signal whether you’ll get that “this is it” feeling when you actually set foot on the property. Make an appointment with the leasing office to tour the property – apartment unit and amenities. Be sure to bring a list of questions. It will give you a chance to see how the staff handles questions and if you feel comfortable in the facilities. After all, it’s important that you feel welcome and comfortable in your future home.  Also, be sure to say “hi” to current residents and see if they can give you any inside information about the positives and negatives. 

Take a walk or a drive around. To get a better feel for what it will be like to live in the area, ask about shops, restaurants, or other local places of interest. Then go for a walk or a drive and see those places for yourself. Try out the local coffee shop. You’ll walk away with a more complete appreciation for the neighborhood beyond your apartment. 

Cat lounging in the windowCheck if pets are allowed. For many people, having a pet is essential for a high quality of life. Whether you already own a pet or are considering adopting one, be sure to read through the pet policy.  If you have pets, look around to be sure that your pet will feel at home in the community.

You know your pet and what’s important for its happiness.  Is there a good area to walk a dog and/or nice windows for a cat to soak in the sun?

Ask about environmental impact. If green living is important to you, inquire about community initiatives to reduce environmental impact. Many communities feature single-stream recycling, energy-efficient lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and more.

Woodlake Apartments Electric Car Charger

Or maybe you’ve gone “electric” – at Woodlake Apartments in Albany,  you can even find electric vehicle charging stations. 

Finding the perfect apartment isn’t always easy, but it’s certainly worth it when the result is loving where you live. With the tips above and a bit of patience, you’re sure to find the right fit. 

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