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Paving the way for a positive, progressive future of aging

There is no one size that fits all. Everyone, as they age, has a unique set of needs and challenges. Aging Consultants recognizes that later life transitions can be challenging, so we partner with our seniors, their family, and the community to alleviate those challenges. We develop non-medical person-centered plans including concierge services, later-life planning, and companionship for exploring new things. A snapshot from our family of clients:

MARY J., a recent widow, was a caregiver for her husband Ralph who recently passed after battling cancer for seven years. She was looking for help to navigate the social aspects of her life. We worked with her to help her get involved in her local senior center where she was able to participate in yoga classes, sign up for an art class, and enjoyed meeting new friends.

JOHNATHAN P. lives out of state and had concerns about his father’s decline in health after a recent hospitalization. He asked us to attend the care plan meeting when his father was in the hospital, to help come up with a plan that would help facilitate independence for his father’s transition back home.

TOM R. reached out to us after suffering a stroke in 2014, to help him coordinate lawn care, housekeeping and meal preparation. After a few years, Tom decided he would take a leap of faith and move into a retirement community. We helped to educate Tom about his options, joining him during the tours and assisted him with the transition into the community

KAREN W. reached out to help her to get involved in the community. Karen is new to the Capital District, relocating here to live closer to her family. Karen explained that her move has made her a little isolated, even though she has family near they work, and she finds herself without a purpose during the day when they are at work. As a retired Director for a nonprofit organization, she was aware of the value of volunteerism and had a desire to give back to her new community. We discussed her interests and she now volunteers at the local library, hosting a story hour for children and shelving books to assist the staff.

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