Preview of Maddy Dychtwald’s upcoming book: “Ageless Aging”

Maddy Kent Dychtwald head shot - author and professional speaker about agingIf you have given up on your New Year’s resolution to get fit, eat better or generally focus on your health (like multitudes of other people who already have), Maddy Dychtwald’s forthcoming book Ageless Aging could be just the motivation you need to get back on track. Due out in May, the book is currently available for preorder online and for preview on Dychtwald’s website.

Dychtwald is an internationally acclaimed author, public speaker and thought leader on longevity, aging, retirement and women’s issues. As the co-founder of Age Wave, a think tank focused on understanding the effects of an aging population on the international marketplace, Dychtwald is uniquely positioned to tap into endless expert resources on the topic of women and their health and longevity.

Written in a bouncy, optimistic tone we’ll dub “California self-help positivity,” the book is a holistic take on various legitimate scientific concepts. Dychtwald has her finger on the pulse of cutting-edge research and she pares the findings down into helpful, usable and inspiring tidbits.

Ageless Aging is essentially Dychtwald’s rallying cry for women to prioritize their health. In the introduction, she points out some jarring statistics showing how women live longer than they used to — and an average of five years longer than men — but they don’t live healthier. And now that current research is showing that our health and longevity have far more to do with our diet, physical activity and intentions than genetics, Dychtwald argues that it’s time to take necessary action. 

Preview image of "Ageless Aging" by Maddy Dychtwald

Get the book

Ageless Aging: A Woman’s Guide to Increasing Healthspan, Brainspan, and Lifespan by Maddy Dychtwald, with Kate Hanley will be published May 14, 2014. It’s currently available for preorder online and for preview on Dychtwald’s website.

Dychtwald’s advice is more than just “eat right and exercise” (although that is a large part of staying fit, to be sure). She broadens the longevity conversation by covering all aspects of aging: navigating ageism in the workplace, changing our own attitudes regarding getting older, maintaining a sense of purpose and drive, managing finances and fostering connections with peers as well as younger generations. She backs up her advice through conversations with experts in their fields.

If you’ve decided to take charge of your own aging journey, Ageless Aging will likely become your go-to resource. It is chock-full of thoroughly researched, helpful advice in almost every pertinent realm, and our only complaint is that it can feel overwhelming at times. Our advice? Focus on one aspect of Dychtwald’s plan for self-improvement at a time. If the research is right, we’ll have plenty of time to achieve her level of perfection.

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