Every moment in life presents the opportunity for a second chance. If you have wronged someone saying you are sorry is one thing, but forgiveness takes a lot more strength and courage. Even though we are taught to forgive people for their past wrongs, for some it is a monumental task. We must realize that through forgiveness comes happiness and healing.

National studies show that people who can forgive are happier people. Carrying a grudge for eternity cripples you as a person. We must realize that people change, we can learn from our mistakes, and we all need to be able to demonstrate this. Resetting our negative emotions towards someone is a huge reset button. We are all human and we all make mistakes.

A second chance can come from many different directions. You may have been wronged or for that matter hurt someone else unknowingly or worse yet, deliberately. You may have suffered a loss of your job, your health, a loved one, a relationship, or a friendship. At the moment it seems almost impossible to regain it, but we can all receive a second chance.

A dear friend recently shared a story about his son who had gone through a terrible divorce and had reconnected with a childhood sweetheart.  A relationship long ago that had gone wrong, but still lingered in each other’s hearts. They found forgiveness and the happiness that goes with it.

He said with great joy, “It is truly unbelievable. They are so happy and believe it or not, he has moved to Florida to be with her. They are madly in love.”

I did not have to think too long and hard about a second chance. Those words take me to my own life.  Marriage can be a tough walk on occasion and is a constantly changing journey. It requires you to give, care, forgive, pay attention, smile, laugh, encourage, support, hug, kiss, and say you’re sorry. The adage that the grass looks greener on the other side of the street is a falsehood. I walked over there and when I arrived, I realized I was an actor in a “B” rated movie. The walk back across the street is filled with footsteps of fear and uncertainty. It will be you wanting to walk from the darkness into the light.  It will be you making that heart-filled commitment to that person you hurt. It is your key to happiness and theirs as well. It was my wife who saw the real me and like an old shirt or pair of pants given to Goodwill, she gifted me with another chance and us with a new beginning.

With a second chance, you bring a fresh pair of eyes and a willingness to see things you never saw before. You will become the person you really are. Always share your goodness and kindness and remember that opportunities will multiply once they have been seized.

There is no better time for a second chance than right now. The decision is yours. Choose forgiveness and find happiness.