There’s more to wearing a scarf than simply curling it around your neck

If styled correctly, a scarf can be a timeless and functional fashion staple for women of any age. Most of us know the basics to wearing a scarf, but doing it with style can take a little practice. Here are some easy-to-follow steps for fashionable ways you can zhuzh up your neckwear.

The Braid scarf knot

The Braid

Fold your scarf in half and drape it around your neck, pulling the ends through the loop. Don’t tighten it all the way as if you were just stopping there, though; you need to leave the loop fairly loose. Take that loop and twist it to create almost a figure-eight, and pull the ends through again. Continue twisting the loop and pulling the loose ends through until you run out of scarf. This style is great for those scarves that always feel just a bit too long, as it uses up the length quite effectively without getting too bulky.

The Knotted Necklace

This style is best with lightweight silk or linen scarves—the ones that make you feel a little like Audrey Hepburn for even owning them. Drape it over the back of your neck so that the ends hang down in front of you. Tie a loose knot on each side about halfway down, and then tie the ends together in a neat knot. Twist the final knot around to the back of your neck and you’re done!



French Twist scarf knot

The French Twist

Fold your scarf in half and drape it around the back of your neck. Then, instead of pulling both ends through that loop, weave one side over and under the scarf loop, and then with the other end, go under then over. When you gently tighten this up it looks really tidy and chic.




The Tie Loop

This one looks really great with a blazer or dress shirt when you want to look professional and feminine. (Why those two descriptors are so often mutually exclusive is a story for another day.)  This style also works best with delicate, lightweight scarves, rather than bigger, warmer ones. Drape the scarf around your neck so the ends are even in the front. Cross the left side over the right; then bring it behind and through the hole around your neck. Take the end on the right, pull it toward the left and upwards through the loop you just created. Then, adjust the knot like you would a men’s tie to make it neat, but leave it loose and lower down than a necktie would be.

Knotted shawlThe Knotted Shawl

This style is great for springtime when you’re ready for a wardrobe refresh, but not quite ready to showcase that winter skin. Put the scarf around your shoulders like a shawl, and then tie a half knot in the back with the ends. Pull those ends tight and high up on the back, so that the shawl part of the pashmina hangs down in the back and covers the knot. 

Scarf belted at the waist

Belted at the Waist

Using a pashmina (the bigger the better, usually), simply drape it flat over your shoulders like a shawl and pull the ends in front. Belt at the waist, and spread the pashmina flat all the way down, so that it almost looks like a jacket. You can scrunch it up a bit in front if that makes it more comfortable (and this makes the style a little more casual), or wear this using a scarf with fringe to add an extra bit of oomph.


Casual Throw

The Casual Throw

Honestly, it’s surprising more people don’t wear scarves this way: it’s easy, warm, and really casually chic. Just wrap the scarf loosely around your neck and shoulders, and throw one end over to the back. If you don’t want to be constantly re-adjusting, you can even add a brooch to hold it in place, or a hidden safety pin if brooches make you feel too much like your Great Aunt Mildred.



The Long Knot

This style is ridiculously simple and adds length and a slim line to just about any outfit. Simply drape the scarf around your neck once, and tie the bottoms into a loose knot. You want the ends to be obvious, and the knot to be fashionably messy if that even makes sense.






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