Saving money is just a click away!

Everyone can appreciate a great tip on how to save money in our everyday spending habits. Whether it’s guidance on budget management or simply recipes that allow you to make delicious food with cheap ingredients, it’s nice to have help becoming more fiscally prudent. We’ve rounded up our favorite blogs that address all aspects of frugal living so that you can find one to follow and start saving money yourself.

The Penny Hoarder

Penny Hoarder blog logoThis is probably the most well-known and popular frugal-living blog on the internet. Founded by Kyle Taylor in 2010, The Penny Hoarder covers a broad swath of subjects on an easily-navigable page that makes it simple to find tips for any number of financial queries. The vast majority of information is presented in easy-to-absorb articles, like, “ Walmart Plus vs Amazon Prime: How to Choose” and “10 Top Budgeting Stories to Improve Your Money Management in 2022.” There is also a whole page dedicated to retirement and how to make the most of every penny you’ve ever saved, so be sure to check that out for intriguing and helpful advice.

The Simple Dollar

Simple Dollar blog logoThis blog has been around since 2006 and is the darling of many bigger financial publications like Forbes and The New York Times. Like the Penny Hoarder, the Simple Dollar is a great resource if you have a specific question about saving money, but it’s also a good idea to subscribe just to see the daily columns on easy ways to stretch your budget, like 100 Ways to Save Money Fast. Their suggestions seem like simple common sense (“Write out a list before you go grocery shopping,” for example) but they’ve been proven to be great methods to adapt for developing more frugal habits.

Fun Cheap or Free

Fun Cheap or Free Blog LogoThis website is all about saving money in ways that are realistic but can still make a big difference in financial stability. From budget planning and debt management, to cost-cutting recipes and travel hacks, you can find a million ways to pinch every possible penny. Since it’s created by a mom who prefers to go by her first name, Jordan, some of the articles are geared towards raising a young family. Still, many are applicable to people from all walks and stages of life. 

Wise Bread

Wise Bread blog logoThis blog is another helpful, all-encompassing site where you can find financial advice and tips on just about anything. One reason we really like it is that it is beautifully designed and easy to navigate, so you can find the articles you want without having to dig through too many links. We also love it because it has an associated podcast (we love introducing you to podcasts!) called Dealista, with 36 episodes of money-saving hacks and ideas. For an idea of what to expect, check out their article 28 Ways to Never Pay Full Price.

NaNa Pinches Her Pennies

NaNa Pinches pennies blogUnlike most of our other recommendations, this blog isn’t big and shiny and is often featured in large, recognizable publications. It is, however, a wonderful blog written by a grandma who specializes in making the most out of her fixed income while also being able to spoil her grandchildren. After losing her house—the investment she counted on to keep her comfortable throughout her later years—NaNa was forced to make some tough decisions and learn how to live even more frugally than ever. NaNa is down-to-earth, thrifty, and super relatable, and if you like her ideas be sure to check out her YouTube channel as well. 

Living Richly In Retirement

Living Richly in Retirement blog logoBarb is a retired widow living off of a pension and Social Security—or as she says it, “two legs of the three-legged stool.” She blogs about twice a week on a wide variety of topics, and while many of her articles are personal in nature, they all have tips and tricks for how she makes her “stool” stay upright. She often will provide links to other resources that she has found helpful, and is also pretty good about responding to any queries her readers toss at her. This is easily the most likable financial blog we’ve encountered, if there is such a metric, so be sure to give her a follow.

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr Money Mustache blog logoNeed some humor with your financial advice? Mr. Money Mustache is a character, to say the least, and he provides a wide array of formats for his money-saving strategies. While it is easy to scoff at someone who looks like a bad guy from the silent movie era, he knows his stuff: he says he was able to retire comfortably in his 30s, and is well-respected in the financial world for his contributions to frugal living advice. His articles are as entertaining as they are helpful, so give them a read to learn how to obtain, as he puts it,  “financial freedom through badassity.”

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