Small batch specialty coffee roaster with 2 locations; Albany & Delmar. When you place your order they roast your beans in small batches by hand, then package it immediately and ship directly to you.



Stacks Espresso Bar offers a café and community space where you can unwind and enjoy a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee. Beyond that, they are a workshop dedicated to exploring the elements that makes coffee one the most widely consumed crops in the world. In highlighting various brew methods, experimenting with espresso-based drinks, and continuously bringing in unique and delicious coffees from diverse roasters, we’re proud to offer you exceptional, accessible, specialty coffee. Stacks Espresso has 3 locations (Troy, MA & Albany) During COVID the Albany location is open for TAKEOUT ONLY


3. Daily Grind

The Daily Grind is a family-owned business with locations in Albany & downtown Troy.

We opened our doors in 1976 during which a time most people had never tasted truly great coffee, and few had heard of espresso or cappuccino. Back then, Mr. Coffee coffee-makers ruled the day and most people purchased coffee in cans. When we began, roasting coffee for retail customers was unheard of. We use a wonderful old Royal #5 coffee roaster, built in 1915, and became the only shop between Montreal and Manhattan that roasted coffee beans on the premises.  After more than 40 years of roasting our own coffee beans in our Albany store, you can be sure we know how to roast coffee the way you like it.


4. Uncommon Grounds

Coffee is the core of this family business but they also offer bagels and a cafe. For over 25 years, their goal has been to create and provide the best-tasting coffee, focusing on quality and freshness in all aspects of their coffee program.  From sourcing and roasting to brewing and retail, quality and freshness continue to be their top priorities. 
3 locations in Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, and Albany.


5. Wired Coffee & Bagel & Wired Coffee

Both Wired… but one offers a cafe featuring breakfast, lunch & beverages in Albany and the other offers beverages only, in Saratoga Springs. All of their coffee is a small batch roasted in-house from organic fair trade coffee bean



6. Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary

Originated in 1995 within the mind of a man who wanted to design a place for the community to escape reality, Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary still stands serving the public as an oasis to anyone that enters. Serving freshly roasted coffee and offering a delicious menu from open to close Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary is an ideal place to relax and “get away” without going far away. Located in Albany on Wolf Road.