Why this piece of clothing is the 50-plus woman’s best fashion friend

Tunic is a vague, all-encompassing term for a garment that is worn on the torso and typically falls between the hips and the knees. As the workhorses of feminine fashion, they come in almost every style from classically chic to trendy and boho, and the amount of ways they can be worn are virtually limitless. If you don’t have a closet full of these by now, we’ve got a few more reasons why you should add tunics into your regular rotation.

Tunics are the Definition of Versatility

Tunic dress with sunhatBecause tunic is such an all-encompassing term, you can find one in just about every permutation imaginable. They come with sleeves and without, fitted like a sheath dress or flowy and layered. Some are definitely meant to be tops, while others could also double as a short dress that can be worn with leggings, tights or even bare legs. Tunics lend themselves to casual wear, or they can be gussied up for a dressier look. They can be belted at the waist to show off some curves, or left to blow with the breeze. Because they are so easy to layer over pants, shorts, skirts, or bare legs, tunics can be worn year-round.

Tunics are So Comfortable

Woman in light pink tunic with laptopEver eat a delicious meal and then sit back and think, “Man, I wish I could unbutton my pants right now.” Well, if you’re wearing a tunic, you can go right ahead. Most tunics are designed to be roomy around the waist and hips, giving you ample options for wardrobe adjustments. And because they are meant to be drapey, they are one of the most forgiving-yet-flattering articles of clothing you can wear.  No matter what body type you happen to have, there is a tunic that will fit and flatter your figure.

Tunics = Timeless Style

Woman in turtleneck tunicThe versatility of a tunic makes it one of the few clothing items that you can easily adapt as fashion trends change. For example: a few years ago, almost the only kind of pants you could find were leggings: denim leggings or the cotton variety that populated a lot of our Facebook feeds. Tunics were the perfect top because they covered the rear end, just in case you bent over and the fabric wasn’t perfectly opaque. (Also, we dare you to find an outfit that’s more comfortable than a flowy, loose top and stretchy pants.) Today flare-bottom and boyfriend-cut jeans are all the rage, and guess what? Tunics look great with those, too. The same tunic can be worn with classic slim-fit cocktail trousers and kitten heels for an Audrey Hepburn look, or paired with a wide belt and felt hat to embrace a boho chic vibe. 

Tunics Are Supremely Flattering

Woman holds out ends of a long shirtTunics can stylishly hide a multitude of sins, such as unsightly bulges or other imperfections. At some point in life (ahem, thanks menopause), you may realize that your waistline just isn’t what  — or maybe even where — it used to be. Pants no longer sit lightly on your hips, but dig into a soft pillow of flesh that refuses to be tamed. The beauty of the tunic is that it gracefully covers up these areas without looking as if you’re trying too hard, or committing the bigger sin of hiding under oversized clothing.

Tunics Help Fashionable Sustainability

Some people — particularly those who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint — swear by the “capsule wardrobe,” which is a limited selection of interchangeable clothing that compliment each other. The idea is that you can mix-and-match all the different pieces to create a wide number of outfits, maximizing the wear of each article of clothing. The added bonus is that by having a capsule wardrobe, you limit the amount of thought that you need to put into constructing an outfit, as well. Tunics are the perfect staple in a capsule wardrobe because of their versatility. As we’ve mentioned, they lend themselves readily to different layering methods — cardigans, jean jackets, pants, leggings — and by altering a few accessories you can have a completely different look.

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