Spring is the perfect time to hit the road and explore the many wonders the New York Capital Region has to offer. All it takes is a tank of gas and a sense of adventure, and the sooner you get started the more landmarks you can check out. Here are five of our favorite spring road trips for residents to enjoy.

  Cooperstown is Sure to Be a Hit

If you are a baseball fan, a trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame is probably already on your bucket list, but there is much more to explore in this charming little town. From quaint shops and amazing shopping to microbrews that will leave you thirsty for more to a surprising amount of culture, Cooperstown has something to offer everyone.

Best of all, Cooperstown is an easy drive from the NY Capital Region. Close enough for a day trip but charming enough for an overnight stay or weekend getaway, Cooperstown is the perfect springtime adventure.

  Lake George

If you love the great outdoors and want to revel in the beauty that nature has to offer, why not head out to Lake George? This natural wonder really comes alive with the warm spring weather, and you will find plenty of great things to see and do once you get there.

Whether you enjoy a leisurely boat ride on the lake, stroll the shore while you watch the world go by or take in a competitive game of mini golf, Lake George is sure to capture your imagination. The beauty and excitement is less than a tank of gas away, so load up the car and get ready to have some fun.

  Niagara Falls

Springtime in Niagara Falls is a thing of beauty, with the melting snow and ice revealing the wonders of the falling water. And while some may find it too far for a day trip, others will jump at the chance to hit the highway and take in nature’s splendor.

If you do find it too far for a day trip, you can easily find accommodations for the night. With so many hotels and motels dotting the local roadways, finding an affordable place to stay should not be much of a challenge.

  Saratoga Springs

If you are looking for a relaxing day away, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Saratoga Springs. There is a reason this charming city has been dubbed “The Queen of the Spas,” and when you get there you will know where that name comes from.

Whether you want to lie back and be pampered or spend some time at the local casinos, you can get your fill of springtime fun at nearby Saratoga Springs. And while it is close enough for a day trip, you may want to spend the night or book a long weekend.

  Howe Caverns

The weather may be lovely outside, but that does not mean you cannot do some underground exploring. Close enough for a day trip, Howe Caverns is the largest cavern structure in the entire northeast, and second in popularity only to Niagara Falls.

The grandkids will love exploring the natural wonders underground while their parents learn about the forces that created the caverns and passageways. And when you are done exploring, you can grab a bite to eat a local restaurant before heading back home.

Sometimes you just want to get away, and when that wanderlust strikes you will not have to go far to find adventure and excitement. With so many amazing day trips within driving distance, there is no reason to stay at home this spring. The five day trips listed above are just the tip of the iceberg, and you are sure to find a few other favorites as you explore the highways and byways of New York state.