When women hit a certain age, fashion blogs can be helpful to update their look.  It’s at this age that many women think about making changes to their wardrobe to be more age-appropriate. But just because they’re at an age that wearing a crop top would raise eyebrows doesn’t mean they should have to wear kitten sweaters and stretch pants either.

While you should wear what you want and dress for comfort, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t look great. Be bold and brave, take chances with styles and colors. Have some fun and don’t worry too much about trends. Find your own style. Find a few good pieces you can mix and match.

Not sure where to start? Here are five fashion blogs devoted entirely to women over 50 that can offer you a few new style tips.

  1. Style at a Certain Age 

Style at a Certain Age is a blog by Beth Djalali. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, she loves fashion, but she also loves to embrace her own style. She encourages people who follow her blog to do the same. You can follow her on Instagram, too, where she has nearly 150,000 followers.

Djali includes tips for growing older with grace and dignity. Growing old gracefully isn’t about trying to look younger, she says, but about looking your best.

Djali gives tips not only about fashion but hair, skincare, diet, and exercise, and is open and honest about life.

  1. Accidental Icon

Lyn Slater started The Accidental Icon because she couldn’t find information or tips that spoke to her. Slater loves fashion and style and loves to experiment with it.

Slater doesn’t follow trends; she sets them. Bold colors, seductive styles, clean lines, and expressing creativity are part of her style. She is comfortable with herself and chooses clothing as an expression.

She talks about jewelry, blue jeans, holiday wear, and so much more. Give her page a look, or follow along with her 775,000 Instagram fans, for some interesting takes on living your ordinary life in an interesting and, of course, stylish, way.

  1. Stylista Forever

Maxine Pearson sends out her style tips for women over 50 on her Stylista Forever Instagram page. She’s a mom and a grandmother, who loves life and fashion. She is not afraid of color or telling it like it is.

Pearson has a positive outlook on life and most often, a great big smile. She has a great style and a love of all things that come in big sunglasses. She loves all things big—big smiles, big earrings, big jewelry, and big love.

Check out her page for her lovely styles. She knows how to wear a hat and other head dressings, and is not afraid to mix it up, go retro, or blaze a fashion trail.

  1. Madam Too Much

Madam Too Much is all about getting a great deal and still looking fabulous. Laidback, casual, and still styling, Neti takes what life hands her and makes the most of it.

Her biggest obsession is positive aging. She loves to embrace color and style. She also knows how to dress her curves and make them look fabulous. A positive outlook and a beautiful smile are the best accessories.

  1. Bon and Pon 

Bon and Pon are a couple from Japan. These grandparents started to match their outfits and we are so thankful that they did. Their fashion blog is extremely popular and you don’t need to be able to read Japanese to be influenced by them.

Take a page from their Instagram page (where they have over 830,000 followers) and see how fun fashion can be with your spouse. They love color, textures, and great patterns. Follow them for the sheer fun of it.

Age is Just a Number

Use these as a guide to get a few ideas, but ultimately, you want to be yourself. Why worry about trends and look like everyone else? Your imagination and taste will win over every time. Don’t be swayed by what someone else tells you to do. Wear what you want and enjoy!